Mi Pensar Al Azar.

Welcome.Hi i'm Jonathan, i'm 20 and i'm Venezuelan but i live in Argentina. There's not much to say, just a shy guy on Tumblr.


Kyary wearing a dress from the DARIO 2014 S/S collection! Available at WALL Harajuku.


some drag queens are a much better influence in young girls than some teen queen pop stars out there.





"The first Disney Movie to tell girls they can fight too is Frozen!"


"Frozen is the first Disney Movie where the girl didn’t need a man to save her!! <3 "


"Frozen is the first Disney movie about loving sisters!"

"Frozen is the first Disney movie to question why someone would get married after knowing them for only a day."


"Frozen is the first film to have a blonde male lead who doesn’t fit the cookie cutter mold


  #FROZEN IS GARBAGE    #what's wrong with people    #and disney??  

“Everyone, thank you.”

“When I wake up in the morning, a pure white curtain of lace is rustling in the breeze. The cuckoo clock in the room says it’s 7 o’clock, and Mom’s voice says, “You’ll be late if you don’t get up!”.”

“I’m still half asleep, and I think, “Please let me sleep for 3 more minutes.” I’m late for school every single day like clockwork, my teacher makes me stand out in the hallway, and I get failing grades on my tests.”

“The crepes we’d eat on the way home. We’d gaze dreamily at a party dress in a show window. The little things bring such joy, and I’m happy.”

“I wish…I wish I could go back to that kind of normal life. I want to go back.”


Jake’s mom is a total badass